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Nightfall: A Disease or Normal In Men

What is Nightfall or Swapnadosh?

Nightfall or Nocturnal Emission is the ejaculation of semen involuntarily (something which occurs without the will or conscious control) which usually occurs during sleep in the night or the early hour of the morning. It is also regarded as swapnadosh. Nightfall often occurs in the young men, but men of any age can suffer from this problem.
Nightfall may be very frustrating for the young men because they don’t understand its reason & also because it is the too embarrassing thing to discuss. The condition is quite common in the men and does not requires medical treatment unless it occurs for the long time.
Nightfall commonly occurs in those people who are not sexually active. The chance of Nightfall is meagre for a sexually active person, or if the men masturbate regularly, then the probability of getting Nightfall is very low.

Why Does Nighfall Occurs?

When a boy received his adolescence, many changes take place in his body. One of the main difference he experiences is the growth of the sex organ and hormonal change.
Nightfall is a common issue among the man whose age in between the 18-30. It generally occurs due to the hormonal change in the men, but it also takes place due to masturbation. But These days there are many destructions like pornography & internet.
Around 300-800 million sperm cell can be stored in the human body if a man hasn't ejaculate for 4 to 5 days. Human body continuously produces a sperm cell. The sperm cell completes its life cycle very fast and gets expired quickly. If men don't ejaculate it within two weeks, the expired sperm cells seeped out through urine or the men will experience Nightfall.

Is Nightfall Harmful?

Nightfall or wet dreams is an orgasm which occurs spontaneously. It is quite common in men, but female to have wet dreams which arise after the puberty.
It is a natural phenomenon by which body relives itself from the sexual arousal. When the body can not hold the sperm cell inside it, then our system released the sperm cell. Hence it a harmless & a natural process until its frequency is high (more than 4-5 times in a month).

Some Common Myth About Nightfall:

It is said that Nightfall causes physical weakness or sexual abuse, but it is not true. The other myth about Nightfall it reduces the number of sperm which is false.Nightfall reduces the male organ size which is not true because nothing can increase or decrease the size of the male organ.

How to Avoid Nightfall By Home 

  • Bottle gourd, i.e. Laukee is known for its cooling effect which is one of the reasons for nightfall. Bottle gourd can be used in two ways, by drinking its juice before sleep and by mixing the liquid with oil and massaging it.
  • Use of onions and Garlic in the diet also decreases the nightfall.
  • Use curd in your diet. Curd cools downs your body and increase your immunity and decrease nightfall.
  • Milk also decrease the chance of nightfall when mixed with almond, banana & Ginger.
  • Drink lemon water early in the morning.

Other ways to avoid Nightfall:

  1.  Practice meditation or deep breathing to relax your body
  2.  Avoid watching sexually content
  3.  Listen to smooth music
  4. Take a warm shower before the bedtime
  5. Take a healthy & nutritious diet.


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